Easter Traditions for the Family

Easter is easily one of my favorite holidays in the year.  Our family celebrates Jesus’ resurrection, the beginning of spring, and the world around us changing into a canvas of pastels as everything wakes up from the winter.  Easter is a time of new freshness as the cold and dead of winter gives way to new life.  Easter is a day full of hope as we celebrate what is past and what is to come.Easter Traditions from Albuquerque Moms Blog

My kids are getting old enough now to enjoy holidays, and I am excited to begin some new traditions with them.  Some are traditions that my husband and I are bringing into our family from our own childhoods, and some are brand new ways of celebrating for us.  Our family loves to celebrate and mark special days in special ways.  This Easter, we plan to do a few things to enjoy the holiday:

Easter egg hunt

  • The past few years, we have done our egg hunt on the saturday before Easter at a local park with friends.  Celebrating with friends is the best way I can think of to enjoy such a special day.  Since our kids are younger (three and under) we normally fill the eggs with gummy candies, Trader Joe’s jelly beans (which I will attempt to not single-handedly consume before the egg hunt), a small amount of chocolate, goldfish, and some yogurt melts for my littlest one.  One of my friends told me that even into college, her parents would put money into the eggs and make the hunt extremely difficult.  Big challenge, great reward!  Don’t forget to make a note or map of the eggs if you do this!  One other idea that has been thrown around with some friends is to do a glow in the dark egg hunt for the adults (or older kids).

Special meal

  • My favorite celebrations tend to revolve around a table with good food and great company.  After our egg hunts, we have shared a meal together with our friends.  Potlucks are great!  My husband will also jump at any opportunity to grill.  We don’t have any of our parents/the grandparents in town, but I know many families share a big meal together.  There is something magical about gathering people you love around a table and celebrating.  Easter is no exception.

Easter baskets

  • When I was little, my mom sewed my brother and I our own Easter baskets, and the basket reminds me of so many memories spent with my family at this time of year.  I have done the same with our kids.  If sewing isn’t your forte, I have seen Easter baskets all over Albuquerque.  You could also get creative with a box and some wrapping paper.  The possibilities are endless.

Hot Cross Buns

  •  This is a new thing that I am attempting this year.  When I lived overseas, I saw hot cross buns everywhere the week before Easter, and they were absolutely delicious!  I have not seen them sold as widespread in the US, so I’m planning to make these at home this year.  Hot cross buns are traditionally made for Good Friday in England or nations under the queen.  My children will gladly jump at the opportunity to eat a warm sweet roll and will probably try to sneak another one when I’m not looking.

Church service

  • This one is by far my favorite and has been the most long-standing tradition my husband and I have observed.  We head to church together, and the atmosphere is always the most joy-filled, excited, and hopeful day of the year.  No matter where I have been in the world, Easter Sunday at church is one of my favorite days of the year.  Our church celebrates Jesus’ resurrection by throwing the biggest party of the year.  Jumping houses, cotton candy, food trucks, a mini horse (who can resist that?), and great community.

How do you celebrate Easter?

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