The Season of Now

As the weather gets crisper and the days get shorter, I can’t help reflecting on the change of seasons. When a few weeks ago it was blistering hot, it’s now shifting to cool mornings. Soon the colors that characterize my lovely Albuquerque fall season will appear. The fall foliage of the Bosque along the Rio Grande and the hot air balloons in the morning sky will appear like colorful dots in a sea of blue. I look forward to these every year. 

Seasons have a way of causing us to long for what we currently aren’t experiencing.

 I always find myself missing the season that has just passed. Or I long for the upcoming season’s more gratifying qualities. I forget that while sipping hot coffee on a cold morning is delightful, the utterly cold wind blowing on my face is not so much.

But finding delight in the current season, which becomes mundane after a couple of weeks, does not come as easily. 

I have recently realized that my relationship with my husband is also one that goes through seasons. With our three-month-old, this is indeed one of the most intense seasons we have experienced together. We had been married eight years when we had our first baby. These eight years allowed us a season of freedom and spontaneity. Now we long for that freedom as we rock a crying baby who has fussed for the entire evening. Or the excitement (or exasperation) of wanting the little one to start reaching milestones like holding his own bottle. 

But as I sit here writing this post, my son is napping. His nap allows me to soak up the here and now. I want to enjoy this season I’m living right now.

Right now my baby rests his little head on my shoulder. And he fits snugly in my arms. This season of his life, I can smell his head and get that glorious baby smell all day long.

It is a brand new season of our marriage in which I enjoy seeing my husband bond with his little boy. I have seen that my husband truly is my partner. And we are a great team in taking care of our son. It’s a season where I realize how much I love my little family.

And while my baby is so dependent on me, an experience that is intense and exhausting, this is a season when I can carry him with me wherever I go. Because one day he will not go with me. He’ll be going to school, to college, to a new city, to his own home with his own little family. 

This season is the one I will rejoice in, right here, right now.

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