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Good Ol Days from Albuquerque Moms BlogA while back I read a blog post a mom had written about her encounter with an older man after a day at the beach with her husband and young kids. Something about this post has just stayed with me and really resonated. In her post the kids were going crazy and melting down after too much fun. They were juggling all of their stuff and kids back to the car. This mom was frazzled and stressed. She then overheard and older man tell his wife, “Look honey, remember that? Those were the good old days.” I couldn’t find the actual post to link to, so this is just a summary not actual quotes or anything. But lately, I’ve been feeling like I need to revisit this thinking.

Life as a pregnant mama and life with little ones can be busy and trying at times. They require so much of us physically, mentally, and emotionally. And it can be trying on our patience. It also makes you feel like you are not even an adult anymore. My husband and I used to frequently go to breweries around town, hang out with friends, ride bikes all over, and traveled on a whim. Now we read books in the playroom, go the zoo, tend to our chicken coop, and watch Moana on the couch. Oh and in the summer now we “fwim.” (Swim to those who don’t speak one-and-a-half-year-old.)

Good Ol Days from Albuquerque Moms Blog

But you know what?

THESE are the days life is made of. And these days are only here for such a short period of time. 20 years from now, I’ll be 50 and have no kids in the house. And back to Daniel and I going wherever we want, and working on whatever project we want. As much as I will love to watch them grow and develop into wonderful adults one day, these days of chaos right now- these are and always will be the good ‘ol days.

There is nothing more special in life than feeling baby kicks during pregnancy, or experiencing the first breath of air and glimpse of your baby when she’s born. The wonder and excitement that can be seen in a toddler’s face is pure magic. The innocence and love for life that our little ones have is by far one of the best experiences in life. The chaos and noise that comes with that always wins over peace and quiet.

So mama, the next time your pregnant back aches, your little baby is up for the sixth time in a night, your toddler has learned the word no and the art of a tantrum, and you are just plain exhausted from doing it all remember…

These are the good ‘ol days! We don’t get a chance to relive this magic, so soak it all in and enjoy.

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