Why I Choose to Join the New Mexico Women’s March

Are you planning to attend the New Mexico Women’s March at Civic Plaza this weekend?

I attended the march last year, and here are the reasons I plan to attend again: 

Walking through the middle of Albuquerque Civic Plaza a year ago, I was surrounded by women AND men. They were young and old, of all races, religions, social standings, and political parties.

We may not have agreed on every issue. But each one of us stood united with all the rest to share the idea that we care about women. 

Without women, there would be no mothers, no sisters, no abuelas. There would be no girlfriends, no single mothers, no wonderful wives, and no darling daughters. In every face present, I saw a love and respect for women.  What an amazing feeling to share! 

We stood in solidarity, shoulder to shoulder, listening to the songs and stories of women’s hearts. 

My daughter is 6 years old. Last year, she attended with me. It is a day I will NEVER forget. Together, we were female. We were women! And that was a glorious thing. This is the same SIX-YEAR-OLD daughter who, two weeks ago, told me that she’s really glad she wasn’t born in the 1960s “because back then it was better if you were born to be a white man because they could do anything they wanted, but women couldn’t.” What six-year-old says things like that?

I am so happy she can see that she lives in a different time and place.

Rally with Love

Rally with Love

She is a “woman” (albeit a young one), and she can set her sights on anything she wants in her life!

This year, my sons need to see, hear, and feel the same thing! I will bring them along to the rally. 

My sons need to see that women are strong, that women have a powerful voice, and that people can stand together to achieve their dreams.  

Ladies, we need each other! We need camaraderie! We need to put down those things that separate us and make us feel unworthy, and to pick up love, friendship, and peace. 

That is why I march . . . for love, friendship, and peace. 

Tell us your story! Why do you march? 

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