Balloon Fiesta Round-Up :: Tips for Bringing Kids to Balloon Fiesta

Balloon Fiesta is a not-to-missed event for all Albuquerque families. But bringing kids to Balloon Fiesta can be a big undertaking. No worries though! There are certainly some things we can do to make it easier on ourselves. 

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Check out these posts for tips from our contributors on going to Balloon Fiesta with your littles ones. 

Visit the Balloon Fiesta Without Losing Your Children or Your Mind

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Balloon Fiesta :: A Mom’s Guide to Navigating the Balloon Fiesta


A Moms Guide to Navigating the Balloon Fiesta







Bonus Tips ::

1. Balloon Glows

Consider going to a Balloon Glow in the evening. The morning launches are spectacular, but if you can’t bring yourself to get up that early with your littles, try a glow. The Special Shapes Glowdeo is always a hit! 

2. Avoid the Crowds

If your kids aren’t in school yet or you have some flexibility with their schooling, attend Balloon Fiesta early in the week (Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday). APS’s fall break is on the Thursday and Friday of Balloon Fiesta, so you can expect those mornings to be a little more crowded. 

3. Safety First When Bringing Kids to Balloon Fiesta

The New Mexico State Police will be at Balloon Fiesta during each session with their TAG YOUR TOTS program. Adults can register their children with the State Police and have a wristband placed on each of their children. If a child who has been separated from his or her parents is found, officials will immediately be able to contact the parents based upon the information on the child’s wristband. The TAG YOUR TOTS location is just south of the Main Stage.

4. First Aid

First Aid is located in the Public Safety Building southeast of the Main Stage. If you need assistance, contact any public safety officer.

5. Balloon Trading Cards

Older children might enjoy collecting balloon trading cards. The balloon pilots and crew create trading cards for their balloon that kids can collect. If you’re really into these, go at the beginning of the week because the balloon crews usually run out toward the end of the Fiesta. 

Most important tip of all :: Have fun and make great memories! 


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