Read Across Albuquerque :: Celebrate Read Across America Week

In honor of Read Across America day (also Dr. Suess’s birthday), I’ve composed a little poem inspired by the master of rhyme himself, Dr. Suess. 

read across america, read across albuquerque, dr seussOh, The Places You’ll Go (in ABQ)

We’ve many things in Albuquerque to see

Like the Museum of Art and History

You could entice friends to embark on a race 

O’er Elena Gallegos Open Space

Make a picnic lunch and take off for the day

Head on up to the Sandia Peak Tramway

Maybe your friend asked you to come and watch her

Flamenco dance at the Cultural Center

Then you’ll be off for lunch at this gem you’ve found

In the sweet heart of Albuquerque Old Town

Next, get your crazy kids off to Explora

You’re sure to keep them busy for at least una hora

At the Petroglyph National Monument you’ll be able to see

Some of the oldest art found in Albuquerque

At the Anderson Abruzzo Museum of Balloons

The sights and the wonders will make your heart swoon

If your kid communicates in yelp, roar, or bark

Take a tour through the Biological Park

If fast speeds and loud noises make you carpe diem

Peel out on your way to the Unser Museum

If you need some good smells ‘cuz your kid’s been afartin’

I’d like to suggest the Botanic Garden

And, last but not least, let’s all take a dive…

Let’s GET to READING in the 505! Let’s read across Albuquerque. 

NEA offers a free calendar with fabulous reading activities to do with your child each month to help them learn important lessons for life.

The ABQ Library offers almost daily events for all ages to encourage their love for reading. A few of their many events include Lego Club, Read to the Dogs, Genealogy Center, Baby Story Time, Preschool Story Time, Previewing and Mapping New Mexico, and Music and Movement.  If this library is not in your neck of the woods, find the one that is and see what they have going on. Our kids need to be around BOOKS!

You may not know that there are many adults in the 505 who can’t read. Adult illiteracy is an issue that affects a person’s ability to work, to interact safely with the environment, to raise healthy children, and more. If you would like to help adults in need learn to read, check out Reading-Works. This organization is working with people right here in Albuquerque to make a change for the better.

And, if you are a mom who needs a night out with a good book every now and then, check out these Albuquerque Women’s Book Club Meetups.

Add you favorites to our list! What are your favorite locations in Albuquerque? Where are your favorite places to pick up a book? And, of course, what is your favorite book right now? We all need a little book-spiration!

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