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teach kids to ride a bike, ABQ Moms

Here’s How I Taught My Kids to Ride a Bike

Riding a bicycle can be an extremely beneficial strategy for helping a child learn to cross their midline or develop core body strength. All children can benefit from this, but one of my children needs a little extra help in both of these areas. So my husband and I set a goal to teach each […]

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End-of-Summer Bucket List Printable

Summer is quickly coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean that the summer fun has to stop. Here is an end-of-summer bucket list printable to help continue that fun with your kids all the way through August. You can even follow along with your local moms doing it too. Use the hash tag #abqmomsbucketlist […]

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Dos and Don'ts of Kids' Birthday Parties by the Albuquerque Moms Blog

Dos and Don’ts of Kids’ Birthday Parties

As a mom of 3, I’ve thrown my fair share of birthday parties in my 8 years of motherhood. Some have been blog-worthy, and others we’ll just call a learning experience. Throwing a birthday party that is age appropriate and budget conscience can be like trying to hit a moving target. I could always use […]

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