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A Struggle with Weight :: Overcoming Disordered Eating

The Battle Begins It all started in high school when she started worrying about her weight. She was involved in many activities including basketball and track, as well as other extracurricular activities. She also tried to be active during the off season and ran whenever she had the chance. Her eating habits were not stellar. […]

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I Tried Whole30 and Here’s What Happened

I completed the Whole30 program after having my second baby. I was eager to wear my pre-pregnancy clothes and feel like myself again. Whole30 sounded like the plan I needed to reset my body and mind.  At the conclusion of my first round (30 days), I continued eating healthy, whole foods for several more weeks […]

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gratitude, resolution, New Year's resolution

The Gratitude Resolution

“Upon waking let your first thought be . . . thank you.” Abraham-Hicks It’s upon us, the beginning of a new year. You’ve spent all your Christmas money purchasing the next size up in jeans from all that fruit cake. Your credit card bill has you seriously considering pulling your children out of school and […]

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