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Kids Eat Free in Albuquerque

Check out these places where kids eat free (or almost free) in and around Albuquerque. It’s always nice to take a break from cooking and take your kids out to eat. But I like to know where I can go without breaking the bank. We all know that some most kids eat like birds, so who […]

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Meal Planning for Dummies (Like Me!)

Confession: I have never been much of a cook. I’m not a BAD cook… Cooking just doesn’t excite me. Both of my parents always cooked delicious, healthy, well-rounded meals for my sister and I growing up, but even after the great example they set, the whole meal planning and cooking thing just never really clicked […]

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Gardening: Resources for the ABQ Gardener

I am not known in my family for having a green thumb.  My mom gave me a house plant in college that theoretically I shouldn’t have been able to kill.  It was dead by the second semester of my freshman year.  As a result, I approach gardening with a massive dose of trepidation.  After all, […]

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Where to Find Food Trucks in Albuquerque from Albuquerque Mom's Blog

Food Trucks:Finding Them in the 505

Foods trucks are rad. No, seriously. They are super convenient, usually super yummy, fast and affordable. I may or may not have a love affair with food trucks (Who am I kidding? I totally have a love affair with food trucks). Over the last few years, food trucks in Albuquerque have really stepped up their […]

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Vegetables for the Picky Palate

Vegetables used to scare me.  No wonder they scare my three year old.  I do not recall eating many vegetables when I was growing up, and usually if I did, I tried to mask them with a condiment of some sort.  Maybe my mom hid them in the middle of meals like lasagna.  They were […]

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Easter Traditions for the Family

Easter is easily one of my favorite holidays in the year.  Our family celebrates Jesus’ resurrection, the beginning of spring, and the world around us changing into a canvas of pastels as everything wakes up from the winter.  Easter is a time of new freshness as the cold and dead of winter gives way to […]

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Best Places for Pie in the 505 from Albuquerque Mom's Blog

Best Places for Pie in the 505

As I’ve said before, I’ve been on the hunt for the best desserts in Albuquerque. Today, in honor of Pi Day, I thought I’d share with you the Best Places for Pie in the 505. If you aren’t familiar with Pi Day, it’s totally okay (you can learn more about Pi here, and Pi Day here). […]

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St. Patrick's Day History from Albuquerque Moms Blog

St. Patrick’s Day History Lesson

How Well Do You Know Your St. Patrick’s Day History? Each year on March 17, the Irish and Irish-by-proxy participate in the world-wide observance of St. Patrick’s Day by wearing green, decorating with clovers, and enjoying corned beef and cabbage and green beverages.  The Albuquerque metro area is certainly alight with fun events to celebrate the Patron Saint […]

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Baby-Led Weaning Albuquerque Moms Blog

Baby-Led Weaning

  I love introducing solids to my babies. The looks on their faces as they taste their first “real” foods are priceless.  With each of my kids I have loosely followed a baby-led weaning philosophy.  My third baby, Zoey, is almost 6 months– she sits up pretty well, and is very interested in food so it’s time […]

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New Girl in the Desert

So, I’m new here.  I am not only a new Contributor on Albuquerque Mom’s Blog, but I’m new to Albuquerque, to New Mexico, to this side of the country…I’m new.  If I can help other moms who are new to the area, I’ll be happy.  If I can make native New Mexicans laugh at me, […]

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Oscar Worthy Popcorn from Albuquerque Mom's Blog

Oscar Worthy Popcorn

One of my favorite memories growing up was watching the Oscar’s with my mom. We would get comfy in our pj’s, grab some snacks, and watch celebrities flaunt their awesomeness in couture gowns and suits. We would critique the outfits and just all around enjoy watching the awards show. Since the Oscar’s are almost upon us, I […]

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Delicious Fish Dish in Albuquerque

Lent is upon us. That time of year when Christians from around the globe do penance in preparation for Easter and observe a common ritual of not eating fish on Fridays.  So where in Albuquerque can someone find a delish fish dish in the desert? The number one place in Albuquerque to get authentic fish […]

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Lent: A Lesson in Being Present from Albuquerque Mom's Post

Lent: A Lesson in Being Present

Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. I grew up Catholic, so when you ask me about this season I begin thinking about fish on Fridays and no chocolate for forty days, though I don’t believe I’ve ever been foolish enough to give up something that difficult 😉 . But these were not traditions my […]

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