Budget-savers at the Library :: Save Money for Your Family

Want to save some money for your family? Take advantage of Albuquerque and Bernalillo County’s Public Library!

Electronic Collection at the Library

My favorite resource is the electronic collection

You can check out your book, audiobook, or movie without leaving the house!

Let’s consider just how fantastic that is.

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Need the next audiobook in a series for your child, but she’s too sick to go to the library? No problem, you can download it sitting next to her. Too busy to drive to the library to pick up that mystery you’ve heard about? Check out the ebook version.

An added benefit: everything returns automatically, so you don’t have to worry about late fees or replacing something if you lose it.

The Library uses a few different apps for its electronic collection. If you have trouble downloading or using the apps (and I have a few times), you can go to one of the Library’s Gizmo Garages and get in-person help. 

Don’t have a Kindle or an iPad? No problem. The Library also checks out something called a Playaway, which is an audiobook and player all in one device. (You will need to have your own headphones or earbuds though.) I have a friend who uses a Playaway when she goes on walks. The Library website also lists a program for checking out Kindles. 

Paper Books and Magazines

When I want to read a bestseller, I don’t buy it—I request it from the library. This is also how I try out cookbooks and save money when my kids get hooked on a series like Redwall. I request books online and get an email when they come in, so I can time my library trips to get maximum benefit. 

You can also catch up on magazines (for kids and adults), saving money on subscriptions.

albuquerque moms blog, library, budget

Movies and Television Shows on DVD

Check out DVD’s of Thomas the Tank Engine or whatever show your children love, indulging them without spending any money unless you lose or destroy the DVD. (I’m pretty sure we’ll find the library’s DVD of Despicable Me in our house someday, but too late to avoid paying for it.) You can find Mad Men, Downton Abbey, and more for yourself.

Library Activities

If you need an activity for your preschooler, check the list of events for storytime or a music and movement class. There are also craft classes for kids of all ages. 

You can still check out some museum or Biopark passes, though some were only available in the summer.

Library Surprises

The library keeps adding interesting resources. Did you know you can check out specialty cake pans? You can also check out ukuleles out at the Juan Tabo branch. (Yes, you read that correctly. Ukuleles.) Visit the website to explore even more resources. 

Buying books

Finally, if you want to buy books at a steep discount, check out the Friends for the Public Library (FFPL) book store at the Main Branch, the smaller versions at several of the other branches, or the FFPL’s monthly sales (about which I have heard great things). You benefit your family and the library system.

What’s your favorite way to use the library?

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