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A Nostalgic Mom's Top 5 New Mexican Favorites from Albuquerque Moms Blog

A Nostalgic Mom’s Top 5 New Mexican Favorites

Albuquerque, my family and I are moving. I’m very excited to be closer to family, within the same neighborhood, in fact. But as so many before me have experienced, you only know what you got when it’s gone. So, as I was facing, and mourning all of my favorites that I will miss about the […]

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Grandparents: Helping Children Feel Cherished from Albuquerque Moms Blog

Grandparents :: Helping Children Feel Cherished

When I was growing up, I lived in the same neighborhood as my grandparents. I loved walking to their house. No matter what I did, whether it was baking bread, “sewing” rags, or dusting, my grandma made me feel amazing. Like I was a prodigy. (There are prodigy dusters, right?)  But it was more than […]

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control | Albuquerque Moms Blog

Control :: Facing the Uncertainty of Motherhood with a Hug

If you ask me if I caught the news, my answer is no. Pre-kids, I prided myself on being well-informed. Now? My anxiety ridden mom-brain can’t take it. It’s terrifying. Not because it’s more dangerous now than it’s ever been, (this is not a political post) but because I have so much more to lose. […]

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Nursing: I Breastfed in Public and Nothing Happened from Albuquerque Moms Blog

Nursing :: I Breastfed in Public…and Nothing Happened

Nursing in public terrified me as a new momma. I read all the horror stories. Saw all the pictures of “warrior moms” fighting the system, defying critics, and feeding their babies anyway. Certain a stranger was going to yell at me, I struggled with covers, sat in corners, and pumped bottles ahead of time whenever I […]

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Postpartum Depression: Struggling to Find Normal from Albuquerque Moms Blog

Postpartum Depression: Struggling to Find Normal

I hate being pregnant. I get hospitalization, four types of medication, nausea-level sick. I’m exhausted, hormonal, and sore. Pregnancy just isn’t my cup of tea. But this time, when it was over, I was crushed. The idea of the ‘baby blues’ and postpartum depression were nothing new to this third-time mom. I’d experienced them before, […]

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Mom Fail: Silly Stories of Motherhood Mistakes from Albuquerque moms blog

Mom Fail: Silly Stories of Motherhood Mistakes

Mom fail. We’ve all had one (or several). Sometimes, the part of our brain that can perform basic reasoning just turns off in protest (yay lack of sleep). In fact, just a couple days ago I had an epic #momfail at the mall. But before I get into that, here are a few mom fails […]

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A Teacher, A Horrid Day, And A Grateful Mom from Albuquerque Moms Blog

A Teacher, A Horrid Day, and A Grateful Mom

I like to paraphrase Longfellow when describing my son: When he is good, he’s very, very good. But when he is bad, he’s horrid. So, as I sent him off to preschool this year, I worried. I know how frustrated I get on his ‘horrid’ days. And I’m his mom. I love him unconditionally. So […]

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Finding Yourself Again After Motherhood from Albuquerque Moms Blog

Finding Yourself Again After Motherhood

Becoming a mom is amazing, but it comes with unforeseen challenges. Of course there’s the obvious: lack of sleep, screaming children, hazardous toys strewn across the floor. Someone always needs something from you. And while I had expected this, I hadn’t expected the consequence. The new label of ‘mom’ was not just added onto the […]

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Books Talk: Cooking in Fern Valley & Quack and Daisy from Albuquerque Moms Blog

Books Talk: Cooking in Fern Valley & Quack and Daisy

Welcome to the third installment of Books Talk! This is the series where I interview the people behind the books you and your children love! (and maybe introduce you to a new favorite 🙂 ) Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to a new author, some great new characters, and even some new […]

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Spelling Brought Tears from Albuquerque Moms Blog

Spelling Brought Tears

I hated Mondays in grade school. Mondays were spelling pretest days.  If you got them all right, you didn’t have to take the real test on Friday. But I never got them all right. In fact, it was a good day when I managed to spell even one or two of them correctly. So many […]

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