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Habits: thoughts on what works for the end of January

Oh, January.  The month of fresh starts and new resolutions.  Or just the continuation of the last year and the hope that things will be better. Whether you consider January a success or a bust, here are some thoughts on creating new habits. Set yourself up for success One habit I seem to constantly work […]

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Advent Truth in the Tinsel Albuquerque Moms Blog

Advent: a Christmas tradition I want to pass on to my children

What are your favorite Christmas traditions from childhood?  One of mine is stockings.  Growing up we didn’t celebrate Santa, but we still stuffed stockings.  Our entire family would pick out small gifts to put in each other’s stockings.  On Christmas Eve we’d gather and secretly stuff everyone’s stockings and then open them first thing Christmas morning.  I […]

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Non Dinner Dates: ideas to mix it up in Albuquerque

Don’t get me wrong, I love a nice dinner date.  Especially the kind that involves just a bit of dressing up and some delicious local food. But sometimes it’s nice to mix things up and try something new and different.  My husband also enjoys doing something instead of just eating and talking.  So here’s to trying something other […]

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choose activities wisely. from Albuquerque Moms Blog.

Choose Activities Wisely: What do you want to excel at?

Have you ever thought about how you choose what activities your family participates in?  This fall my oldest started preschool at Oak Grove Classical Academy.  This school takes parental involvement seriously and before school started we attended a “Family Education Weekend” where they talked about the ideas behind classical education and gave us tools to […]

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Parenting- My {non existent} self-parenting children. From Albuquerque Moms Blog

Parenting: delusions of {my non-existent} self-parenting children.

Do you want self-parenting kids?  You know, the ones that play happily for hours, don’t get into sibling squabbles, remember all instructions the first time, and are always respectful?  If I had children like this just think of all the non-child rearing activities I could complete! Oh, wait, your children don’t self-parent?  Neither do mine. This […]

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The Heart of Hospitality-feature pic 2

The Heart of Hospitality: Favorite Recipes to Share

Often, hospitality can revolve around sharing food.  Food can be a great ice breaker both for adults and kids.  As we’ve talked about the last few days, this doesn’t always have to to be fancy or expensive, but rather the recipes you prepare should flow out of a heart wanting to love and bless your guest(s).  […]

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BOSQUE albuquerque moms blog

Paseo del Bosque: a day trip in Albuquerque

One outdoor gem in Albuquerque is the Paseo del Bosque Trail. This open space surrounds the Rio Grande and spans the entire Albuquerque metro area from North to South.  There are many little trails to explore as well as a 16 mile paved, uninterrupted multi-use trail. The Bosque is beautiful.  In fall, cottonwood trees glow gold. […]

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shoes inside albuquerque moms blog

Shoes Inside the House: to wear or not to wear?

When living near San Francisco most of our friends were Asian and it was normative to not wear shoes inside the house.  One poignant memory I have is when our friends helped us move, and even while carrying our boxes, they would respectfully remove their shoes every time they crossed the threshold of our new […]

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