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teach kids to ride a bike, ABQ Moms

Here’s How I Taught My Kids to Ride a Bike

Riding a bicycle can be an extremely beneficial strategy for helping a child learn to cross their midline or develop core body strength. All children can benefit from this, but one of my children needs a little extra help in both of these areas. So my husband and I set a goal to teach each […]

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girl doritos

Sex and Doritos

Yep. You read that right. While some may not think Sex and Doritos go together, I am about to let you in on a little secret. They do. Here’s what I figured out. It all started a few weeks ago as my husband and I were driving somewhere together ALONE. (Alone??? What’s that? I haven’t […]

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why my kids' ideas matter

Why My Kids’ Ideas Matter

Sometimes kids feel like they are invisible, like what they say or think doesn’t matter. I’ve heard my kids mutter under their breath, “No one is listening anyway” or “Nobody cares.” Kids wonder if their ideas matter. Don’t get me wrong. There are things my children say that were definitely not worth saying. Heck, there’s […]

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snacking with purpose

Snacking with Purpose for Happy, Healthy Kids

I love snacks. My kids love snacks! Who doesn’t love to snack? If I’m completely honest, I’ll say that we love to snack on ice cream and Doritos. I would also not say, “No” to a bag of hot Cheetos smothered in nacho cheese. Did you know that’s a thing these days? But what really […]

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what happens in toddlerhood

What Happens in Toddlerhood Stays in Toddlerhood

Do you find yourself trying to remember that funny thing your kid said just the other day? Are you constantly trying to relate that cute conversation you had with your little one, only to find that you can’t remember why it was so adorable? If you’re anything like me, then you sometimes find it hard […]

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Happy New Year

A Mid-Year-New-Year Resolution

When my little ones were young, each week and month was a milestone worthy of pictures and celebration.  Some folks celebrate their half-birthdays. This year, I’ll be celebrating a half-life. Not the kind of half-life Voldemort earned for himself by stealing from a unicorn, but the kind where I can say, “Wow! Look at what […]

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Dress Up Time! Is it time to get Fancy? Albuquerque Moms Blog Easter

Dress Up Season Has Arrived! Is it Time to Get Fancy?

Dress Up Season has arrived! Easter, prom, weddings, graduations… I realized this the other day when someone mentioned they liked my new outfit, and I found myself explaining that it wasn’t new. I had simply decided I wasn’t too cold to wear skirts and dresses again! We continued our discussion by reminiscing about family clothing […]

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