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Hispanic Heritage Month, Grandpa Telling Stories Around the Campfire.

Hispanic Heritage Month :: Food and Family

Hispanic Heritage Month is always so exciting to me! I grew up in a predominately Hispanic neighborhood. It was uncommon to not speak some sort of South Valley slang, and even substitute some of our English words with Spanish words. Most of our parents speak Spanglish. “Margo, sientate aqui!” That’s what my mom would say […]

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modern-day moms

Modern-Day Moms Have It Hard

Being modern-day moms is hard, amIright? “You are working while someone else watches your kids? I could never do that.” This is a popular reaction that working moms get. “It must be nice to have a husband who makes enough money for you to stay home.” How many stay-at-home moms have heard that snarky remark? […]

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