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Malaika Marks behind her counter of goodies!

Fun Meets Decadence at Trinity’s Custom Dessert Studio

I don’t often order dessert, especially at lunch, but when you eat at a restaurant that is connected to their bakery, you get dessert.  Last week, I tried a restaurant called Bucket Headz for the first time.  This little Southern home cooking restaurant is a hidden gem, owned and operated by veterans.  It’s an Albuquerque […]

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What To Expect: Interview with Heidi Murkoff Part 3

Heidi Murkoff is a world-renowned author of What To Expect When You’re Expecting, collaborator on her book’s movie of the same title (which is hilarious and amazing on MANY levels), and bringer-of-happiness across the world as she visits many military bases and throws military mommas baby showers!  How awesome is she??  Decide for yourself: Here […]

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Albuquerque Moms Blog The Dreaded Playdate

The Dreaded Playdate

The dreaded playdate.  I honestly have never liked them.  Maybe that makes me a bad mom, or a selfish mom, but I honestly dread them. I once got all excited about a playdate, back when I only had my son and he was a lil guy.  I was a newish mom and agreed with this […]

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Mom-Dating (2)

Mom-Dating: Is She Gonna Text Me?

Mom-Dating.  It’s kinda scary and makes me feel all inadequate and pathetic. If I’m not momming, usually I’m nose-deep in a book, or in a trance in front of a Netflix show.  It’s most often a show from the 90’s that either I was obsessed with in the 90’s, or missed the bus for and […]

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Grown In the Heart, Not Under It: Adopted

So, I’ve known my whole life that I was adopted.  I was never sat down, as you see in Lifetime movies, and had a bomb dropped on me about being adopted.  I never looked at pictures of family and wondered if everyone was keeping a giant secret from me.  I was sat down, probably before […]

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