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Budget-savers at the Library :: Save Money for Your Family

Want to save some money for your family? Take advantage of Albuquerque and Bernalillo County’s Public Library! Electronic Collection at the Library My favorite resource is the electronic collection.  You can check out your book, audiobook, or movie without leaving the house! Let’s consider just how fantastic that is. Need the next audiobook in a […]

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Save Money In The 505

Tomorrow is Tax Day, a day that either reminds you how much or how little you have left in the savings account. Raising a family usually forces many people to find creative ways to save money. My husband has been a full-time student our entire marriage and I work part-time from home. You could say we […]

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Shopping for Kids’ Clothes on a Budget

First of all, let me just say that I’m no fashionista. Most of the time, I’m feeling pretty good if everyone is dressed (in something) and out the door on schedule. From time to time though, I do get compliments on how my kids are dressed. And I enjoy shopping for them and selecting fun […]

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