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Birthday Gifts for 5- and 6-Year-Olds

I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said that half the people I know were born or had babies in March and April. There must be something in the water my friends and family are drinking in June and July because Spring time amongst our peers is a little crazy. We seem to have birthday parties every […]

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You're Gonna Miss This ABQ Moms Blog

You’re Gonna Miss This

I’m in a season of motherhood that often feels all-consuming. It’s a battle for me to not wish these long days away and yearn for a time when things are less chaotic or more quiet. But when I find myself changing a poopy diaper for the 4th time that day as my 3-year-old calls for help […]

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Apps 5 ABQ Moms Blog

Best Travel Apps for Young Kids: Duck Duck Moose

Spring Break in Albuquerque is coming up soon. If you have plans to get out of the desert, whether chasing the snow or the sunshine, you need something to keep those littles entertained as you travel. There are so many apps out there that it can be hard to know what to spend your time and […]

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I Get Help Cleaning My House

I Get Help Cleaning My House

Confession: I get help cleaning my house. Once a month, someone comes to my house and cleans up after my family.  There was a time when I was embarrassed about this. I felt like paying someone else to clean was the easy way out and that I should be able to keep up with things […]

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Redeeming V-Day 2

Redeeming Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. I love the colors and I love that there is absolutely no pressure to have all the family over for a big meal. And even if we don’t always get to go on a date, it’s a nice excuse to hang out with my best friend.   […]

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Moving 3

4 Don’ts for Moving

Let’s talk about moving. (Insert crazy eyed, run for your life emoji.) Moving is hard and even harder when you have kids. Relocating your family down the street or across the country is challenging.  Everyone seems to know that moving is hard. That’s why there are many, many blog posts with checklists and ways to […]

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Santa Claus: What to Do, When You Don’t Do Santa Claus

The Christmas season is in full swing and Santa Clause can be found in every mall with lines of children waiting to sit on his lap. I never noticed what a large part Santa played in the holiday season until my husband and I decided not to do Santa with our kids. He’s pretty much unavoidable; […]

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Best Parenting Advice: Around the Block

The Best Parenting Advice: Just go Around the Block

My husband has a friend who shares his love for bike riding. They like to go on adventures together where they share life and a love for the outdoors. Often, my husband gets to soak up little pieces of wisdom from someone who is just a few steps ahead of him in things like marriage and […]

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Creating a Culture of Love in Your Home; Part 2

Yesterday, I talked about our role as moms and the significant task of creating a culture of love in our homes. Today, we get to talk about the fun part, the everyday ways we can nurture a culture of love. There is no one right way. Just as our world is made up of varying […]

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Building a Culture of Love Part 1

Creating a Culture of Love in Your Home; Part 1

Do you ever feel insignificant as a mother? Does it sometimes seem like all you’re good for is cleaning up messes and finding lost toys? Well, I do. On my good days, I realize how big and glorious my calling as a mom is. I enjoy creating and nurturing our family’s culture. But on the […]

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