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Ready to have a baby?

You’re ready to have a baby …you think.

You’ve created a Pinterest board. You’ve daydreamed about snuggling your baby and kissing its little melon head. You wander through the baby aisle at Target on your way to…wherever (we both know you weren’t really heading to electronics). You’re ready to have a baby…you think. Maybe it’s just now occurred to you that you’re ready. […]

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Aspiring Mom

Aspiring Mom: Planning Pregnancy in Albuquerque

The road through motherhood is not always clear or bright. It can be fraught with woes and quite lonely, despite the constant proximity of little ones—or so I’ve heard. But the road to motherhood, the on-ramp from childless lady to mommy can also be lonely. And it’s foggy. Visibility is low and you sort of […]

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